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Heather White

Denise Lechak

A 23-year resident of both Auburn and Bainbridge Townships. Heather is graduate of Chagrin Falls High School. She obtained a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Education with a focus in Special Education from Bowling Green State University. She is 23-year teaching veteran and former Special Education Advocate.   Heather made the choice to raise her three children, also Kenston students, as a stay-at-home-mom.  It was that experience that led her to create and develop Bomber Preflight in 2011.  Over the last ten years she created a new space for Kenston kids while offering flexibility for career-minded parents through her original idea of a morning drop-off program. Heather holds certificates in First Aid, CPR, Concussion Protocol, Lindsay's Law - Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), and Covid-19 Contact Tracing. She is also COVID-19 vaccinated.

Born and raised in Auburn Township, Denise is graduate of Kenston High School. After graduating from Ohio University with Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Health Administration and a minor in Business, she worked at the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals in Human Resources.   A mother of three Kenston students, Denise had to make a tough choice to be a stay-at-home-mom for the last sixteen years.  Recently during the past five years, she has worked part-time as a teacher at Village Nursery School in Chagrin Falls.  She is starting her third year in the Bomber Preflight program.  Along with being an experienced child care provider, Denise holds certificates in First Aid and CPR.  She is also COVID-19 vaccinated.