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The Bomber Preflight before school program provides morning activities for children in Kindergarten thru 5th grades. Qualified instructors will support homework completion while establishing educational and physical activity in a relaxed yet carefully designed developmentally appropriate environment. Get your kid(s) off to a good start. Head to work on time and within budget...Preflight and Go!.


(This program follows the Kenston Local Schools calendar but will be available when the schools are closed for calamity days by request) Each child must be registered individually.


Daily PreFlight Schedule: 


6:45-7:15 AM 


Drop-off, Breakfast, Table Activities, Homework Help, Personal Electronic Devices


7:15-7:30 AM 




7:30-8:00 AM 


Get Active!  Physical skill development through play.  One of the following based on the day of the week: Locomotor Activity, Non-Locomotor Activity, Manipulative Activity, Combined Movement Activity, Structured Play.


8:00-8:15 AM 


Restroom, Water, Pack-Up for Kenston Intermediate


8:15-8:25 AM


Restroom, Water, Pack-Up for Timmons Elementary


8:25 AM


Kenston Intermediate Departs


8:30 AM 


Timmons Elementary Departs



Daily PreFlight Activity Breakdown:




Locomotor Skills (walking, running, hopping, jumping, skipping, leaping, sliding, galloping).




Non-Locomotor Skills/Personal Fitness

(bending, shaking, swaying, turning, stretching, pulling, flexing, pushing)




Manipulative Skills (throwing, catching, kicking, hitting…)




Combination Skills

(A combination of two or more skills like locomotor and manipulative- kick ball, you must run, kick, throw)




Structured Play/Practice  (children given individual free choice or chance to vote on games/activities)

Register Now for Fourth Quarter of 2021-2022 School Year 

  • 1 Day A Week  $125 Non-Member, $110 CVAC Member

  • 3 Days A Week $330 Non-Member, $300 CVAC Member

  • 4 Days A Week $375 Non-Member, $360 CVAC Member

  • 5 Days A Week $410 Non-Member, $380 CVAC Member

  • Call or email us for more information

4th Quarter PreFlight Registration

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.